Why is it that the dentistry profession thrives off guilt? They instilled the fear of God into James and he is terrified of coming here. They chastise you for your poor dental hygiene. They force you to schedule appointments six months in advance. They give you the worlds biggest guilt trip if you decide to switch to a new dentist. I’m writing this from the waiting room where I anxiously await my cleaning. I’ve been seeing the same dentist for 15 years. Maybe not all dentists are like this but I’m too scared to switch and find out.

Blog reboot…

As most of you know about a year and a half ago I started working for Microsoft.   I abandoned my old blog and moved all of the technical content over to MSDN.   This is a much better platform for me to share information about SharePoint, Windows Phone, Azure, and general .NET development.   You can find that blog at Jason Vallery’s SharePoint Notes.

That left me with no place to write about the rest of my life.   Fitness, nutrition, family life, my Jeep, etc.   I decided I needed to create a new blog back on Vallery.NET so I have a place to post that content.   In violation of my segregation of concerns (Tech stuff on MSDN, personal stuff on Vallery.NET) it is worth pointing out that this WordPress blog is hosted entirely on Azure.   I’m so happy Microsoft is embracing open source!

I also plan to generally avoid discussing politics here.   My old blog was full of political rants on my part.  That never really accomplishes anything but pissing people who disagree with me off.    As my mom always said “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”.   I’m going to generally stay away from posts that are purely opinion.